New Afro-beat Music 2017 Top 100 Videos Book International Artists here - (Charlotte)

Posted on: 11/07/17


Watch it here Genres include Reggae, Afro-beat, Hip-hop, Rap, Hip-co etc. Ideal for business owners. Use our playlist of more than 5 hours of non-stop music videos to entertain your customers. Click the link below or search for the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos. Visit We are soliciting Radio/TV, Licensing, and other opportunities to showcase some or all of these songs/videos. We are also opened for interviews. If you would like to book an artist in the playlist, please contact us directly and we will make the process very smooth. Some of the artists are located in Liberia, UK, Australia, and most of them are here in the U.S.A. Read the full press release: Booking info below Company Name: M.R.P.E, LLC. Contact Person: Mezonic Records Email: Phone: 7044417765 Country: United States Website:

Ad Number: 21122020