L4 Lounge - (Charlotte)

Posted on: 06/07/13


In a nutshell: L4 Lounge is a new hot spot bringing a wonderful fresh vibe to Charlotte's LESBIAN/LGBT world. During the week, L4 is a very nice relaxing place to go! The Weekend, Friday offers a variety of events and the Saturday transforms into a "Rocking Club/Lounge"! There are many reasons why many individuals enjoy L4 Lounge atmosphere. Here are a few to name: The people who work and go there are very welcoming, music makes you dance all night because we only play the hot hits, hiphop, pop, international and fusion together with dance and EDM. L4 lounge have drinks special all night long that are not over priced, it is a melting pot of numerous beautiful women, and it has Charlotte's Hottest Bartenders!

Ad Number: 21074442